Brad Shapiro, owner of Location Lighting Ltd., has over 45 years experience in film and video production. As a Director of Photography he’s shot film and video projects worldwide. His credits include commercials, broadcast TV, documentaries and corporate projects.


Location Lighting Ltd was founded in 1998, but the origin of the company dates back to 1994. Cinematographer Brad Shapiro and Key Grip Jim Devers had worked together on many projects, some too small for a traditional grip truck. Tired of working with a van packed with cases, the idea of a mini-grip truck with a ready-to-roll package took shape.

Brad and Jim built that little one-ton, roll-out truck in 1994. It started them on the road to their Location Lighting partnership along with bigger, better roll-out grip truck designs and a constantly growing inventory. In 2005 Jim sold his interest in the company but continues to provide his knowledge and expertise on a consulting basis.

With the 2003 acquisition of Cine Services PA assets, Location Lighting became the leading rental house in the Philadelphia area and Eastern Pennsylvania. This year, 2017, will be our 20th year of providing the best grip trucks and equipment to the regional production community and out-of-town clients shooting in the area.


Like all craftsmen I want to work with the best tools. They enhance professional skills and help improve the final product. I feel better grip equipment, lighting and grip trucks can improve production value and help the bottom line.

I started Location Lighting because I wasn’t satisfied with the grip trucks and gear I had to work with locally. Our great grip trucks not only have the best equipment, but a better design: gear on carts, not shelves. These “roll-out” trucks are easy to unload and wrap; the equipment gets to the set quickly and ready to work.

Our carefully designed grip trucks are a big part of our approach to customer satisfaction. They are planned with both crews and producers in mind. Crews appreciate the features and equipment that make their jobs easier. Producers love the time savings those features provide.

Back in 1998 our original company goal was simple: provide first-class equipment, the best-designed easiest-to-use grip trucks and outstanding customer service. Though we didn’t include becoming the largest rental house in the market in those original goals, our commitment to doing it right has paid off. In 2003 we acquired the assets of our primary compitition. We now offer a large inventory of well maintained gear and we continue to add new equipment to expand the region’s premiere grip and lighting rental and sales company.

No matter how much we grow, Location Lighting is committed to doing it right.

We will continue to:

  • Talk with clients and crews about their needs
  • Provide superior equipment, trucks and service
  • Keep our gear in top shape

We are always ready to assist your production and guarantee your satisfaction with everything sold or rented.

Brad Shapiro
President, Location Lighting Limited