We guarantee your satisfaction with everything sold or rented. We are happy to answer any questions and offer assistance with any production needs.

Hours of Operation

We are open 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday


We are located at 300 Pennsylvania Avenue in Oreland, PA 19075. Oreland is in suburban Philadelphia, 18 miles from downtown and 2 miles from Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit 339, Fort Washington.

Payment Terms

All sales and rentals are COD unless a credit account has been established. We accept all major credit cards for payment.

Credit Accounts

You can establish an account, just ask us for an application, terms are Net 30 days.

Certificate of Insurance

To rent equipment you must furnish proof of insurance coverage for equipment damage or loss. The certificate must name Location Lighting Ltd as Loss Payee / Additional Insured. Download a Sample COI.

Equipment Value

We will provide you with the value of equipment rented so your insurance coverage is sufficient


All rental prices are daily rates. We discount both daily and longer term rentals depending upon order size and duration.


Confirmed orders that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice may be subject to cancellation charges. We pull and prep orders a day or more in advance and equipment committed to your production cannot be scheduled on another job.

Sales Discounts

We discount off manufacturers list prices and offer competitive pricing on all equipment and supplies, ask us for a quote.

Late Orders

Orders received after 4 pm weekdays or on weekends that require personnel after business hours may be subject to late load charges.

Equipment Pickup

You may pickup up equipment after 2:30 pm the day prior to your first rental day. Check with us if you need special arrangements like early or after hours pickup.

Equipment Return

Equipment must be returned to our shop by 10:30 am the day following your final rental day or Monday for weekend rentals. Check with us if you need special arrangements like late or after hours return.

Grip Truck Drivers

We comply with US DOT regulations so our trucks must be driven by staff or approved freelance personnel already included in our driver compliance files. Our grip/drivers are skilled technicians; after transporting the truck and gear to your set, they function as grip or dolly grip on your crew.

Equipment Delivery

We offer delivery and pickup of rented equipment subject to availability of personnel and vehicles. Rates are based on distance from our facility to your location. We can recommend a local courier service if our personnel are unavailable.

Additional Crew

We maintain an extensive list of freelance technicians and can assist your production with recommendations. Crew coordination can be provided for a reasonable fee.

Additional Equipment

We can sub-rent special items and equipment or quantities not in our inventory. Pickup and return of sub-rented equipment locally or out of town can be provided. Charges vary by distance and travel time.

Camera Equipment

Our sister company Location Camera provides video equipment including Canon HD cameras and lenses or accessories like tripods, monitors, batteries and filters.